SF.net SVN: gar:[24081] csw/mgar/pkg/gnutls3/trunk/Makefile

chninkel at users.sourceforge.net chninkel at users.sourceforge.net
Sun Sep 7 18:24:23 CEST 2014

Revision: 24081
Author:   chninkel
Date:     2014-09-07 16:24:22 +0000 (Sun, 07 Sep 2014)
Log Message:
gnutls3/trunk: force regeneration of files created by autogen to avoid header mismatch

Modified Paths:

Modified: csw/mgar/pkg/gnutls3/trunk/Makefile
--- csw/mgar/pkg/gnutls3/trunk/Makefile	2014-09-07 12:40:39 UTC (rev 24080)
+++ csw/mgar/pkg/gnutls3/trunk/Makefile	2014-09-07 16:24:22 UTC (rev 24081)
@@ -88,3 +88,8 @@
 include gar/category.mk
+# We must regerenere this file with autogen otherwise we run into an error like this:
+#    error option template version mismatches autoopts/options.h header
+# We simply delete them as they will be regenerated thanks to the Makefile rules
+	gfind $(WORKSRC) -regex ".*/src/.*-args.c" -delete

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