[csw-maintainers] Should X11 headers from Sun be remove from the farm ?

William Bonnet william at wbonnet.net
Wed Aug 5 12:02:57 CEST 2009


> This is something that we need to do sometimes even though painful and
> doesn't represent a sufficient reason to alter the build stack
> radically. Also, writing autoconf macros et al to adapt to our
> environment would be nicer and more reliable. This is, IMHO, the road to
> follow.
Sure, i still in agree in perfect world view :)

In every day life, it creates a lot of not so useful work, especially 
when packaging project which refuses most of the patches sent upstream 
because Solaris is not "officially" supported (it means work has to be 
redone often).

> The solution to this is to build the necessary tool(s) to detect this
> kind of confusion, i.e. to detect that SUN's X11 libraries are used when
> not necessary; one handy tool can be based on ldd...
Automation of the detection of such problem is certainly a good idea. 
Once tools setup they may even be automagically called by GAR ;)

BTW, i have a RFE about GAR... or at least a need for information ?

Is it possible to apply a part of patches not during gmake patch, but 
after configure ? Of course it is possible to use a post-configure 
target, but i would be handy to have such a patching stage. My need is 
to fix things after configure has been run (i do patch patch 
autoconf.mk.in in FF3 but it is not sufficient, once generated i have to 
patch autoconf.mk)


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