[csw-maintainers] New problem with gdk-pixbuf.loaders

Sebastian Kayser skayser at opencsw.org
Fri Aug 21 17:13:38 CEST 2009

Dagobert Michelsen wrote:
> Am 10.08.2009 um 21:36 schrieb Jeffery Small:
>> One thing I did when I was a maintainer was run a diff on the the  
>> prototype
>> file between the current release and the new build and carefully  
>> examine
>> all differences before copying the prototype file to the root  
>> directory
>> of the build.  Something like this might be added to the GAR (or  
>> whatever
>> build system you are using now).  This would add an extra check for  
>> things
>> like missing files or extra files getting included that shouldn't be  
>> there.
> I deliberate removed manual prototypes from GAR - they are now generated
> dynamically. The problem was due to a loss in postinstall-scripts.

Jefferey's idea still sounds good: A script that diffs the current/
package's pkgmap (modulo size, cksum and mtime) with the pkgmap of the
package that one is working on would also help in picking up packages
that don't yet live in GAR (to make sure one gets the package contents


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