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Excerpts from William Bonnet's message of Thu Aug 27 16:46:02 -0400 2009:

> Toronto will be great ! Especially if Raptors are playing home ;)

They'd have to make the playoff first...looks like the last home game
for next season is April 14th.  Maybe a spring camp instead? :)

> I don't really veto a Wintercamp in Toronto... but i already spent a
> winter in Toronto. It was in '93. I think it was the last time i
> felt cold. Since this summer i never faced such low temperatures ;)
> ( i have to add that in my home area each winter it goes as low as
> -15°C ).

Toronto is much more enjoyable in the summer season.  Patios are open,
festivals are going on, etc.  There are things to do in the winter
too, but I'd recommend warmer temperatures for maximum enjoyment.

-15C is fairly chilly if it's for extended periods.  The Wikipedia
article has good info on the climate here:

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