[csw-maintainers] GAR RFE: Variable(s) to tag files for classes instead of PROTOTYPE_FILTER

Dagobert Michelsen dam at opencsw.org
Sat Aug 29 13:29:39 CEST 2009

Hi Sebastian,

Am 29.08.2009 um 08:55 schrieb Sebastian Kayser:
> Ben Walton wrote on 29.08.2009 02:09:
>> Excerpts from Sebastian Kayser's message of Fri Aug 28 16:30:43  
>> -0400 2009:
>>> Thanks for the feedback, regarding your concern I made an  
>>> adjustment. I
>>> moved the .pyc,.pyo exclusion logic to gar.mk and it is triggered  
>>> when
>>> PYCOMPILE is set.
>> This looks much better.  Looking at the code though, I think you
>> should not that PYCOMPILE should be set to
>> /opt/csw/lib/python/site-packages/.*\.py for build descriptions that
>> don't set the category to python (since the MERGE_EXCLUDES use
>> addsuffix {c,o} with the value of PYCOMPILE.  [This could maybe be
>> modified so that the trigger variable is separate from the variable
>> used to build the merge exclude rules...]
> Good idea. Something along the lines of this?
>  http://dpaste.com/86896/

The logic is wrong here: You always set _PYCOMPILE_FILES and change  
the install
class regardless if PYCOMPILE is set or not. You must only do this if

Best  regards

   -- Dago

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