[csw-maintainers] include asvn script into cswsvn, at least client: how to do this?

rupert THURNER rupert at opencsw.org
Sat Jul 4 12:39:45 CEST 2009


how would one include asvn
(http://svn.collab.net/repos/svn/trunk/contrib/client-side/asvn ) best
into the cswsvn package?


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Subject: include asvn into cswsvn pls
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it took us a good few drawings, but I think our discussion this
afternoon was very useful.

The "asvn" script I referred to is available at

It looks to do exactly what we need, in terms of maintaining file
permissions, but I haven't actually been able to test it because it
relies on a -printf option to "find"

PRINTDETAILS="-printf \"file='%p' mode=%m user=%u(%U) group=%g(%G)\n\""
eval "find $PCWD $SKIPSVN -o \( \( -type d ! -name .svn \) -o -type f

I understood that we should be able to install  GNU find alongside
svn, which would allow us to test this script.  Would it be best to
get it from http://www.gnu.org/software/findutils/ ?

Assuming that this does what we need, is there a formal mechanism for
requesting that asvn and GNU find are made a part of the standard SVN


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