[csw-maintainers] RFEs for "GAR packages status" page (aka "Which packages are in GAR")

Sebastian Kayser skayser at opencsw.org
Sat Jul 4 18:29:04 CEST 2009

William Bonnet wrote:
> Hi Sebastian
>> Sebastian Kayser wrote:
>>> a couple of RFEs for the "GAR package status" [1] page. Can we get:
>>> * an "last updated" field at the top of the page
>>> * the numbers / stats right at the top of the page (instead of further
>>>   down)
>>> * a contact address for the maintainer of the page on the page (for
>>>   queries like this one and to get packages that are in GAR but not
>>>   listed as such fixed)
>>> Ah, and some sort of monthly historical data would be cool also. So that
>>> we can see some progress.
>>> Sebastian
>>> [1] http://www.opencsw.org/package-gar-status.html
>> Anyone taking care of the GAR status page?
> I'm currently working on this page and uwatch. Rewriting it in Perl and 
> improving things.
> I will modify the page by the end of the week, and uwatch next week. 
> uwatch have several bugs to fix (problem with garname used to retrieve 
> package instead of catalog name). I would like to merge some information 
> from uwatch to this page.

Just in case you don't have it on your radar, yet: The recent
sourceforge page makeover introduced an easy URL for project files.


Might help to simplify uwatch and check-upstream handling.


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