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Ihsan Dogan ihsan at opencsw.org
Sun Jul 12 12:38:38 CEST 2009

Am 15.6.2009 17:22 Uhr, Mike Watters schrieb:

>>>> I'm trying to use the site's mailer:
>>>> http://www.opencsw.org/eml.php?devname=pfelecan
>>>> After entering my e-mail address it shows me a page with the text
>>>> "Debug: part 1". Nice but not useful if somebody tries to write me
>>>> something through this...
>>> posix_getpwnam()    [a php call]
>>> seems to be broken somehow on the website now.
>> Might be related to the recent php5 modules split-off? [1]
> Installing the following should fix
> php5_posix 5.2.9,REV=2009.04.29

It did. Thanks & sorry for the delay.


ihsan at dogan.ch		http://blog.dogan.ch/

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