[csw-maintainers] Call for volunteer : xpdf

William Bonnet william at wbonnet.net
Wed Jul 15 22:25:59 CEST 2009


> Not yet :( I'll give a look to this issue tonight. I was focused on 
> firefox compilation issues so far...
1/ Good news is that it seems to be fixed !

2/ Bad news is that i could have done it earlier... many many thanks to 
Sebastian for reminding me to process this important bug. After 
analyzing the bug, it was a real 'showstopper' i did not identified when 
it was reported.

3/ Really bad news is that the CSWdbus package that is available in 
"current" cannot be uninstalled in "normal mode" :( It means, it cannot 
be updated without a manual step... I do apologize for that... (and i do 
feel Phil's feet coming closer and closer from my back).

So what does this means :

I made a simple fix and updated the following packages : CSWdbus, 
CSWlibdbus and CSWlibdbusdev. The only package which have a real problem 
is CSWdbus. The update i made seems to fix the problem on my boxes at 
home. But it would appreciate to have some more feedbacks. Just to be 
sure i have fixed all the issues, in all possible way to make it occur.

The bug Sebastian outlined today is a related to dbus service stop. In 
most of the time it will fail. And it will fail 99.9% of the time during 
an update (either from pkg-get or pkgutil).  Current dbus is generating 
a pid "lock file" in /opt/csw/var/run/dbus/pid . This pid file is not 
processed correctly during service stop (and uninstall), and dbus will 
not stop.

I have updated packages and they are now available from testing. As i 
said, i was able to reproduce the problem before update and not after, 
but i would appreciate some more feedbacks.

If you plan to install update from testing you will have to kill by hand 
dbus process. dbus pid is stored in /opt/csw/var/run/dbus/pid . But 
unfortunately it is ignored by stop (or uninstall) script. So you just 
have to :

kill -9 `cat /opt/csw/var/run/dbus/pid`

before updating.

This has to be announced on thge user  list before any release. Phil, i 
do apologize for this, and please tell me the procedure i have to follow 
to announce it, if i am the one to announce it.


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