[csw-maintainers] GAR RFE: Variable(s) to tag files for classes instead of PROTOTYPE_FILTER

Dagobert Michelsen dam at opencsw.org
Tue Jul 21 09:43:53 CEST 2009

Hi Ben,

Am 21.07.2009 um 02:30 schrieb Ben Walton:
> Excerpts from Dagobert Michelsen's message of Sun Jul 12 09:23:02  
> -0400 2009:
> Hi Sebastian and Dago,
> I put together a small patch (attached) for GAR to twiddle the
> required bits for use of cswpycompile in an automatic fashion.  I
> didn't make it happen implicitly, as after thinking more about the
> changes I'll make to support automatic elisp handling, I didn't think
> implicit was the right way to go here.
> The patch will take any value of CSWPYCOMPILE to mean that
> cswpycompile is added to SPKG_CLASSES, .pyc and .pyo files are
> filtered from the merge by default, .py files are set to cswpycompile
> in the prototype and CSWcswclassutils is added as a dependency.

It should also make sure that the filtered files are all in locations
known to Python compilation. See my comment below.

> If you're ok with the changes, I'll make the commit and document the
> new variable.
>>> EXTRA_PAX_ARGS = -s ',^.*/\(xcbgen/.*\.py\),.$(BUILD_PREFIX)/lib/
>>> python/site-packages/\1,'
>>> EXTRA_PAX_ARGS += -s ',^\.$(libdir)/python.*,,'
> Dago: I didn't alter any of the PAX stuff for this patch, since it
> didn't seem to be necessary...is this part of your recipe due to the
> file relocation you're performing here?

Yes, because the original location was not checked for compilation. The
pax args relocate from the X11 directory to the standard location for
Python files. It would IMHO be better to read the path in the class
script and compile what it got, but as I understand it that was too

Best regards

   -- Dago

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