[csw-maintainers] howto control which files go into which part of split package

John Ellson ellson at opencsw.org
Wed Jul 22 18:05:47 CEST 2009

More questions:

1.  How do I get a plugin in one subpackage to recognize that the 
library it depends on comes from the main subpackage?

"make package" fails on "CSWgraphvizgd"  with:

     ERROR: cannot find package for libcdt.so.4
     make: *** [pkgcheck-CSWgraphvizgd] Error 2

even though the main package "CSWgraphviz" was already packaged and 


(but no "libcdt.so.4", which would normally be a soflink, is that the 

2.  Can I modify the packaging parts of the Makefile, and redo "make 
package"  without rebuilding from
"make clean"  ?


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