[csw-maintainers] General call: stuff in testing/

Dagobert Michelsen dam at opencsw.org
Sun Jul 26 23:19:55 CEST 2009


there are quite a lot of packages in testing/ (300 files now). Maybe  
cool packages has been forgotten to release? It would be nice if  
could have a look at his packages and discard/release the package or  
it there if it was for a reason that it is there ;-)

Status for my packages in testing:

- jdk/jre: still no permission from Sun for redistribution
- tcl: still not understood how locations on version upgrades work
- orca: start/stop methods still missing
- libgss: doubts from Phil that it is useful in addition to Suns version
- libgsf/libgda: linker issues as reported on maintainers@
- glib 1.2.10: just a rebuild with GAR, maybe released
- esound: needs more testing. volunteers?
- openldap: waits for berkeleydb general overhaul
- gdb 6.8: needs more testing
- other stuff: released to current, will be removed when arrived at  

It would be nice if you all could also give a status, maybe some other
maintainers can help fixing things.


   -- Dago

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