[csw-maintainers] Subversion on bender

William Bonnet william at wbonnet.net
Mon Jul 27 23:47:57 CEST 2009

> William: What is the status of the mock-up?  Are there stumbling
> blocks you're facing other than time constraints?
So far mostly time problem. It has moved back to top priority since now 
i'm stuck with FF3 for a few days / week ?

The current status of the mockup is the following :

A mockup based on wordpress has been created.  After talking with 
Sebastian, i have set up a first structure of menu. The are divided in 4 
main sections which i would like to be simple and clear. Gathering the 
mainly used actions

Get It
    This menu is about how to get OpenCSW, what is OpenCSW and 
informations about release content (packages etc)
    It includes informations for the first time user, trying to download 
and install opencsw for the first time or on a new box

Use It
    This menu is about "every day" use. How to update packages, 
configure specific things, etc.

Spread It
    This menu is about advance use (rebuilding packagew with gar, 
creating a new package, and contributing to the project

    This menu is about how to get support (bug tracking, wiki, faq, etc.)

The menus are a proposal for web site structure. Of course a main page 
with direct acces link will be here (i don't like the front page i set 
up which is more like a magazine still).

A temporary menu that will disappear is present under the name "Old 
menus". This is group old pages, which a copy paste of the current web 
site (it does not mean i want to delete this pages, but just my "working 

Any review comment on this menu structure will be welcomed. I will apply 
changes to the structure. Tomorrow and in the next day i'll rewrite some 
css part and main page. contribution to text content will be highly 


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