[csw-maintainers] New Problems with Berkeley DB

Jeffery Small jeff at cjsa.com
Fri Jul 31 01:45:38 CEST 2009

Philip Brown <phil at bolthole.com> writes:

>On Wed, Jul 29, 2009 at 09:11:20PM +0000, Jeffery Small wrote:
>> I had to reboot my Solaris 10 SPARC V250 server and had the following problem
>> upon restart:
>> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>> Jul 29 13:58:57 cjsa sm-mta[636]: [ID 801593 mail.crit] NOQUEUE: SYSERR(root):
>>     Berkeley DB version mismatch: compiled against 4.2.52,
>>     run-time linked against 4.7.25

>wow. sendmail is really dumb to do this. :-/

>> Of cource, this will probably not go out since I do not have sendmail
>> running. :-(

>it worked though :-)
>maybe it's just a whine, not an actual "error"?

No, sendmail was out of commission.  I'm back up due to some great help
from Dagobert Michelsen.  This message probably only went out after I got
sendmail back online.

I currently only have the following packages:

berkeleydb                   4.7.25,REV=2009.07.01		Current
berkeleydb3                  3.3.11,REV=2009.07.22		Current
berkeleydb4           4.2.52,REV=2005.04.28_rev=p4		From old archive
berkeleydb44                 4.4.20,REV=2009.07.28		Current

And sendmail became happy once again when the old berkeleydb4 was installed.

Below, I'm now following up to an email I received from Dago.

I wrote:

> And when sendmail complained about the runtime version being 4.7.25,
> how does that relate to anything I could see regarding the installed
> packages?  Upon further examination, I see that the berkeleydb_devel
> package is listed as rev 4.7.25,REV=2009.07.01, but I don't have this
> package installed on my system.

Dago wrote:

> You must have as the new bdb4x-packages depend on it.

Well, berkeleydb44_devel only depends upon berkeleydb44, and
berkeleydb_devel presumably depends upon berkeleydb*, but not the other way
around.  I suspect That Dago meant that the berkeleydb{3,4,44} packages
depend upon berkeleydb and not the *_devel packages.

* [NOTE: From the CSW current package list webpage, if you click on
  berkeleydb or berkeleydb_devel you get and error stating: "Err: cannot find
  maintainer for <package> in mantis", and no details are shown!]

Dago wrote:

> I proposed a versioned current, where you can point your pkg*-tool to a
> specific date and which does not change like opencsw/current-20090730
> However, neither me (as I proposed it) nor another one has picked it up
> yet.  Maybe this is an opportunity to bring this ahead.  This is AFAIK a
> better solution than putting magic in pkg*.

This actually sounds like a good idea.  If you upgrade once a week and
serious new problems develop, you can point pkg-get or pkg-util to a date
for the previous week and bring things back into sync.  This would work
so long as all package dependencies could be updated/rewound reliably;
something to which I have not yet given much thought.


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