[csw-maintainers] call for new sendmail maintainer?

Sebastian Kayser skayser at opencsw.org
Fri Jul 31 09:25:41 CEST 2009

Mike Watters wrote:
> Philip Brown wrote:
>> So.... anyone wanna volunteer to take over sendmail and do a quick
>> repackaging?
>> Since its being picky about the berkeleydb upgrade, we need a
>> repackaging
>> done asap, and we do not have an active maintainer for it any more.
> Benny and I are tag teaming it to get it out quickly...
> He got the bulk of it done, I have the last of the install pieces
> done.
> I was going through the old version and Alex had created a custom class to
> handle the fact that sendmail must be compiled separately on each OS.
> I have to modify his class to now include at least solaris 10 and write a
> custom merge script for gar.  I hope to have this done before I turn in
> for the
> night.

Thinking in terms of simplicity: Wouldn't it also be possible to just wrap
up a package each on build{8,9,10}{s,x} to have a specific package for
each Solaris release, instead of having a potentially complicated GAR
Makefile plus postinstall magic (which might both be subject to errors)?

Just an idea, don't let your progress be slowed down by it if you think
otherwise or if there are reasons against it (no need for discussion from
my side).


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