[csw-maintainers] Updated libiconv in testing, testing appreciated

Sebastian Kayser skayser at opencsw.org
Fri Jul 31 12:54:47 CEST 2009

Sebastian Kayser wrote:
> Nicolai Schwindt wrote:
>> [...]
>>> This should obsolete related hacks required in other packages. I have it
>>> running on a couple of non-GUI test boxes without hitches, but as it is
>>> a to-be-adopted and fundamental package, I would appreciate a bit more
>>> testing/feedback/review by some of you guys.
>> I will give your version a try, as I always did have a patched version of
>> iconv
>> around, and am using a self compiled version of 1.13.1 for quite some time
>> now.
>> I can state that this version generally functions well, troublemaker like
>> subversion works perfect with it.
>> I'll let you know how things worked out
> cool, thanks for the support. Note though: I recently pulled the iconv
> packages from testing, because they were ones, aimed at the CSWiconv ->
> CSWlibiconv package name change. With various bits and pieces of our stack
> currently being under heavy change (gtk, pango, bdb) I would like to
> postpone such a (purely cosmetical) change.
> I will put new iconv packages with the current naming scheme into testing
> later this day. Will keep you updated.

Ok, please give the packages in testing a try.


Modeled after the ones in current, i.e. no spearate devel package, no
pkg/swname changes. Should be least intrusive. File clash on
/opt/csw/lib/{sparcv9,amd64}/charset.alias with gnugpg is known and
already filed [1]. Shouldn't do any harm though, the files are identical.


[1] http://opencsw.org/bugtrack/view.php?id=3755

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