[csw-maintainers] Buildbot

Peter FELECAN pfelecan at opencsw.org
Fri Jul 31 19:49:00 CEST 2009

"Maciej (Matchek) Blizinski" <maciej at opencsw.org> writes:

> [...]
> I've split the thread about the build systems into another one, and
> I'd like to go back to the buildbot topic. Are there any comments
> about the design or deployment plan?

Split or not split, my comments are valid for this
discussion. Consequently, please take into account this design

1. The buildbot deployment must be done on a separate hardware from that
   used for the regular, "manual", builds.

2. Other build systems that gar must be able to use the deployed
   "automatic" build infrastructure using buildbot.


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