[csw-maintainers] Push py_cairo to testing

Ben Walton bwalton at opencsw.org
Fri Apr 6 03:48:45 CEST 2012

Excerpts from Ben Walton's message of Thu Apr 05 10:29:55 -0400 2012:
> Excerpts from Maciej (Matchek) Bliziński's message of Thu Apr 05 02:55:19 -0400 2012:
> > It's me who usually does this but I am on vacations with no access
> > to the buildfarm. The integration can be done with the
> > integrate_catalog.py script. Buildfarm admins should be able to do
> > that.
> I'll put this on my todo list for this evening.

Attempted but denied by db permissions. :)

sqlobject.dberrors.OperationalError: INSERT command denied to user
'pkg_maintainer'@'' for table 'srv4_file_in_catalog'
+ bin/pkgdb add-to-cat SunOS5.11 sparc dublin 4b03dcd3a41d2e453daa6e3c7cae7492

I can become you briefly and run the script with your credentials if
that's the easiest work around for now...?

Ben Walton
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University of Toronto
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