[csw-maintainers] xscreensaver and libkrb4.so.2

Jeffery Small jeff at cjsa.com
Sun Apr 8 05:54:08 CEST 2012

After my recent upgrade in testing I discovered that xscreensaver is no
longer working under my gnome desktop. when I try to start it manually it

    5-> xscreensaver -no-splash
    ld.so.1: xscreensaver: fatal: libkrb4.so.2: open failed: \
					No such file or directory

Sure enough, there is no libkrb4.so.2 remaining on the system.

I see that this has apparently been replaced with libkrb5.so.3, however
the CSWxsave package has not been upgraded to use this. (it is still at

It is interesting that when I do a file search for libkrb5.so.3 it reports
a pile of packages as dependent upon CSWlibkrb5-3, including CSWxsave.
When I do a search for libkrb4.so.2 it also reports CSWxsave as the only
package dependent upon this library.  So there seems to be some sort of
inconsistency in how this is getting logged in the database.  Maybe this is
provides a clue as to why the CSWxsave package got missed in the upgrade.

Can xscreensaver please be repackaged to use the current library?  Thanks.


C. Jeffery Small           CJSA LLC                       206-232-3338
jeff at cjsa.com              7000 E Mercer Way, Mercer Island, WA  98040

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