[csw-maintainers] Question about stub files

Jeffery Small jeff at cjsa.com
Mon Apr 9 23:50:45 CEST 2012

"<maciej at opencsw.org> Maciej wrote:

>Out of curiosity, are you able to post from a non-opencsw email address?

Sorry, I'm not sure what you are getting at here?  If you are asking about the
health of my sendmail installation, then I have resolved all of my problems
and everything is working fine on that front now.

>>the pkg-get script was renamed out from under me!

>Sorry to hear that. We tried to make it as announced as possible, this was
>our last resort to tell the users that pkg-get is going away.

I know that there has been some discussion about pkgutil previously.
I just hadn't realized that pkg-get was seen as actually now being
incompatible with the upgrade process.  One thing to consider when making
the next formal release would be to somehow force the upgrade to the
pkg-get package to take precedence over all others.  This way, pkg-get
would be replaced with the notice about pkgutil before any other packages
are downloaded and there would not be anything blowing up in the middle
of the upgrade process.

Another thought might be to replace pkg-get with a new small script that
prints a warning about switching to pkgutil and then rewriting and issuing
all pkg-get calls using pkgutil.  I don't know how sensible this would be
and whether this would cause great problems or not based upon the changes
in the way package dependencies.  I will be making a direct head-to-head
comparison between the two tools in the next day or two.

>> It took some investigation to figure out what was happening and correct.
>> I'm currently in the process of rewriting my script to use pkgutil in
>> place of pkg-get.  Too many tasks and not enought time!

>Hopefully the rewrite isn't hard, unless you do things like parsing stdout.

It probably won't be too hard.  It's just a matter of blocking out some time 
to get started!

I hope I'm not coming off as too much of a complainer.  I don't have time
to work directly on packages these days, but I hope I can help a bit by
being a canary in the coal mine and helpfully report problems before they
make it out into the wild!


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