[csw-maintainers] mgar usage feedback 2 : checking out a recipe

Ben Walton bwalton at opencsw.org
Sun Apr 22 14:13:54 CEST 2012

Excerpts from Peter FELECAN's message of Sun Apr 22 02:36:58 -0400 2012:

Hi Peter,

> mgar up --all
> is too long if what I wish is to extract only one or a handful of
> recipes.

If you run simply 'mgar up' from the trunk/ of the recipe you're
working on, you'll get that recipe and the gar code only.  I can't
remember the last time I used --all.  So if you're updating 3 recipes,
there will still be three checks for gar code, but that's much better
than checking the whole tree.

> update. But, when I ask for a full update (mgar up --all) it *checks* out
> the recipes, consequently I expected to have the same behavior when
> requesting one recipe.

There might be some room for fixes to orthogonality as you mentioned

>       mgar up recipe

I think this would be a good change as it eliminates the constraint of
being in trunk/ to do the single-package update.

There would be corner cases that make the implementation a little bit
less than straight forward though.  In the case where you're in
~/opencsw (my checkout tree), it could test for -d $recipe/trunk.
>From outside of ~/opencsw, the same test could be done after cd'ing to
~/opencsw.  Our tree isn't flat though.  We've made subdirectories to
hold various collections like perl modules, ruby gems, etc.  This
opens up the possibility of name clashes (shouldn't happen, but could)
and it might also require multiple checks for the recipe if the
top-level check fails.  For practical purposes, ignoring the
sub-grouped packages would be a good start.

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