[csw-maintainers] more and more spam

Ben Walton bwalton at opencsw.org
Wed Jan 25 03:38:47 CET 2012

Excerpts from Peter FELECAN's message of Tue Jan 24 11:09:18 -0500 2012:

Hi Peter,

> Since last week I receive a lot of spam originating from our web
> server with a sender of the "form capital at ocswchbiesv01.opencsw.org"
> and a subject such as "OpenCSW question about package
> opensp_doc".. Looking in the envelope, the route starts from
> "webservd at localhost" to "www.opencsw.org" to "bender.opencsw.org"
> &c. I can provide a sample to whomever interested by finding a
> solution to this.

I get this junk too, although not often...it's quite sporadic for me,
really.  I think we should add a (re)captcha to the question
submission page as that would stop most of this bot-submitted junk in
its tracks.

We have that on another of our form pages already so integration
shouldn't be too bad.


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