[csw-maintainers] pkgutil cycle in dependency

Carsten Grzemba grzemba at contac-dt.de
Tue May 22 14:15:28 CEST 2012

How can I investigate this problem:

bash-4.2# pkgutil -t http://buildfarm.opencsw.org/opencsw/experimental/qt4 -x cas -i CSWqt4-gxx-doc
=> Fetching new catalog and descriptions (http://buildfarm.opencsw.org/opencsw/experimental/qt4/i386/5.10) if available ...
==> 20 packages loaded from /var/opt/csw/pkgutil/catalog.buildfarm.opencsw.org_opencsw_experimental_qt4_i386_5.10
=> Fetching new catalog and descriptions (http://mirror.opencsw.org/opencsw/unstable/i386/5.10) if available ...
==> 3471 packages loaded from /var/opt/csw/pkgutil/catalog.mirror.opencsw.org_opencsw_unstable_i386_5.10
Solving needed dependencies ...
Solving dependency order ...
Loop protection limit (100000 iterations) hit. There's probably a
cyclic dependency in the catalog.
Do you want to continue anyway? ([y],n) n

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