FIXED: issue when committing to sourceforge

Dagobert Michelsen dam at
Thu Dec 12 18:09:02 CET 2013


Am 12.12.2013 um 16:30 schrieb Dagobert Michelsen:
> Am 12.12.2013 um 12:35 schrieb Dagobert Michelsen:
>> Am 11.12.2013 um 20:14 schrieb Peter FELECAN:
>>> I'm having issues committing to SourceForge:
>>> Authentication realm: <> SourceForge Subversion area
>>> svn: E170001: Commit failed (details follow):
>>> svn: E170001: MKACTIVITY of '/svnroot/gar/!svn/act/ede9338f-9d0e-e71b-83fc-b722b37016c2': authorization failed: Could not authenticate to server: rejected Basic challenge (
>>> Nothing changed since the last successful commit. I'm the only one to
>>> have this kind of behavior?
>> Doesn't work for me either any more :-( I opened a service request at sourceforge:
> I just got an email from the Sourceforge support team that we need to migrate our GAR Trac to Allura ASAP.
> Maybe the subversion migration to Allura is tied to that. I'll keep you posted.

It was indeed related. To be able to commit again please do the following:
  cd <yourrepo>
  svn info
  (See what URL is, e.g. URL:
  svn relocate

Make sure to have the same suffix (here csw/mgar) or the relocate won't work.
You should be able to commit again with username and password. There is now
also the possibility to commit via svn+ssh.

Unfortunately there are some more changes:
- The Trac tickets have been converted to Allura tickets
- The Trac wiki has been converted to Allura wiki:

The existing Trac at will continue some time, but not too long.
Please don't write there any more as changes will be lost! Commits won't enter Trac any more too.
Commits should be trackable with the feeds on the code page when the analyzing is finished:

I made a backup of the Trac database and the Trac files just in case we want to setup our own Trac again.
Generally I don't like the Allura wiki and tracker. Trac was more crisp and concise and
had a nicer markup IMHO.

I'll try to update the other links accordingly in the next few days. Please let me know if
anything suspicious happens or you see outdated links or information.

Best regards

  -- Dago

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