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Mon Oct 28 10:39:14 CET 2013

Em 22/10/2013 15:16, "Peter FELECAN" <pfelecan at> escreveu:
> > This is the experimental implementation of "Package rename tracking"
> > as described here:
> >
> >
> > Basically it is to find out which packages can safely be dropped.
> >
> > We need to see how we can integrate this in our workflow.
> After you choose a work-flow, please document it, preferably in the
> OpenCSW Manual and let people know that it's documented.

One thing definitely worth documenting, is the procedure of package rename.
For example, how you need two catalog releases to complete the rename: in
the first one you create the _stub package, and in the second catalog you
drop the stub and use the autoclean function in pkgutil.

For now, we'll try to get a nicely readable, aggregated report of what can
be done in each catalog. Then we'll group it by maintainer, and we'll be
able to either make it a report available on the build farm, or we'll turn
it in to a nag email. I don't think there will be any workflow change in
terms of how packages are built and uploaded.

One thing we could automate, is the dropping of old _stub packages. Why
make a human do it, if an algorithm can. One concern would be that if we
allow a script to modify the catalog, we better make sure that the script
working correctly.

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