[csw-maintainers] Samba 4

Laurent Blume laurent at opencsw.org
Mon Sep 2 17:15:38 CEST 2013

Here are some quick thoughts, below.

> I propose the following changes to the Samba 4 recipe:
> o drop the 4 prefix, Fedora is considering the same [2]:
>    "As samba4 is a superset of Samba 3 packages in Fedora,

What does that bit mean, exactly? Are you sure it applies here, ie, will 
Samba 4 really be a superset of Samba 3 packages?
AFAIK, Fedora is a fast-running distro, they might not care as much for 

> we are also considering to discuss
>    renaming samba4 back to samba. As all existing API and ABI for smbd/nmbd/winbindd and
>    libsmbclient library will be the same, the switch is not going to be problematic. However,
>    there is still need to stabilize code through beta and pre-releases before doing that."
> o add the following packages:
>      CSWsamba-common             ... common files
>      CSWsamba-lib                ... Samba libraries
>      CSWsamba-dc                 ... the new Samba 4 AD DC stuff
>      CSWsamba-dc-libs            ... libraries for CSWsamba-dc
>      CSWlibtdb1                  ... present in Samba 3, but missing in 4
>      CSWlibwbclient0             ... present in Samba 3, but missing in 4
>      CSWlibsmbclient0            ... present in Samba 3, but missing in 4
>      CSWlibsmbsharemodes0        ... present in Samba 3, but missing in 4
>      CSWsamba-nss-system-links   ... present in Samba 3, but missing in 4
>      CSWsamba-pam-system-links   ... present in Samba 3, but missing in 4

So there, how do you handle having packages with the same names but 
different origins? How will it impact people willing to stay on Samba 3 
for the time being?

> The expactation is that users of the current Samba 3 package should
> be able to upgrade to Samba 4 in filesserver/NT DC mode without
> issues. Anyone who wants to run a AD DC must perform a manual setup
> as described in the Samba docs. There will be no support for
> auto-running the new samba AD controller process from init/SMF.

Does that mean that process is run automatically by the regular SMF once 
it's configured appropriately?


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