[csw-maintainers] Samba 4, take 2, versioned packages

slowfranklin slowfranklin at opencsw.org
Tue Sep 3 16:43:20 CEST 2013

I propose the following changes to the Samba 4 recipe:

o package set:

   CSWsamba4-dc                 ... Samba 4 AD DC component, can be installed without CSWsamba4
   CSWsamba4-winbind            ... winbind stuff including NSS am PAM modules
   CSWsamba4-common             ... common files
   CSWsamba4-libs               ... Samba libraries
   CSWsamba4-dc-libs            ... Samba AD DC libraries

o CSWlibwclient, CSWlibsmbsharemodes, CSWlibsmbclient and CSWlibnetapi will still be coming
  from Samba 3, Samba 4 will use private versions of these libs

o the main  package is split into libs and common, because it seems in Samba4 libraries
  like libsmbclient are linked with tons of private Samba libs, so we really want
  these private libs to be available as a seperate package otherwise the whole
  Samba packaged would be pulled in when someone installs libsmbclient

o iirc running a Samba4 AD DC means you can't run the fileserver daemon smbd on the
  sambe host. For a AD DC you install CSWsamba4-dc, for a fileserver you install CSWsamba4.
  Nice and small packages.

o no package CSWsamba4-swat, because SWAT is dead
o no package CSWsamba4-dev, because we don't package any public library

For reference, this is our current set for Samba 4:

   PACKAGES += CSWsamba4
   PACKAGES += CSWsamba4-client
   PACKAGES += CSWlibnetapi0
   PACKAGES += CSWlibnss-winbind1
   PACKAGES += CSWsamba4-dev
   PACKAGES += CSWsamba4-swat
   PACKAGES += CSWsamba4-winbind

These are the Samba 3 packages:

   PACKAGES += CSWsamba
   PACKAGES += CSWsamba-client
   PACKAGES += CSWlibsmbclient0
   PACKAGES += CSWlibwbclient0
   PACKAGES += CSWlibnetapi0
   PACKAGES += CSWlibsmbsharemodes0
   PACKAGES += CSWlibtdb1
   PACKAGES += CSWsamba-nss
   PACKAGES += CSWsamba-nss-system-links
   PACKAGES += CSWsamba-pam-system-links
   PACKAGES += CSWlibtevent0
   PACKAGES += CSWsamba-dev
   PACKAGES += CSWsamba-swat
   PACKAGES += CSWsamba-winbind

Only Samba 3 package consumed by other packages is CSWlibsmbclient0 (by CSWgnomevfs2 and CSWvlc).

Feedback welcome!

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