[csw-maintainers] Integrating unstable→testing — handover

Maciej (Matchek) Bliziński maciej at opencsw.org
Sun Sep 8 10:02:11 CEST 2013

2013/9/8 Peter FELECAN <pfelecan at opencsw.org>:
> Adding this information helps. The date of the deletion also to keep the
> "certain time". Of course, the flag can be negated if the package is
> re-instantiated.

Yes. The problem is that this will require a database schema change
and code changes in multiple places.

> BTW, what about increasing the size of created_by attribute to contain a
> group of maintainers?

This field isn't the maintainer, it's the user who initiated the call
to insert a package into a catalog.

It also currently doesn't work because of the proxy issue we discussed earlier.



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