[csw-maintainers] Evaluating Gentoo Prefix

Maciej (Matchek) Bliziński maciej at opencsw.org
Tue Sep 24 09:14:31 CEST 2013

2013/9/24 Peter FELECAN <pfelecan at opencsw.org>:
> "Maciej (Matchek) Bliziński" <maciej at opencsw.org> writes:
>> 2013/9/23 Peter FELECAN <pfelecan at opencsw.org>
>>> From
>>> my stand point, the characteristics of the infrastructure is part of the
>>> documentation for constructing a build farm, isn't it?
>> Right, and the characteristics are: 1-1.5 GB RAM and 1 core. :)
>> That's what I have at home for a VM and I think it's a reasonable
>> general expectation, don't you agree?
> I agree with whatever you have empirically determined. However, it
> contradicts your previous statement about the need of a "beefy"
> infrastructure.

No, I work on this the other way around: I have at home what I have.
The buildfarm infrastructure has to run on that. It's the code that
doesn't meet the spec, not the hardware.


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