IT's time to remove the Solaris 8 packages

Laurent Blume laurent at
Thu Dec 4 16:25:53 CET 2014

Le 2014/12/04 15:16 +0100, Dagobert Michelsen a écrit:
> Hi folks,
> @Laurent: Please don’t post to maintainers@ and users@ at the same time as it leads to
> bounces when people reply to all from users@

I should have set the reply-to, right.

> While I do understand your motivation I personally think it is wrong to remove stuff,
> regardless of how old it is. I cursed the times when I looked up old stuff like firmware
> and it was gone. What has proposed earlier (by Maciej IIRC) was renaming old stuff to
> /UNSUPPORTED-USE-ONLY-IF-YOU-ARE-UNPROFESSIONAL/ or similar which I think is ok.

I'll be direct: no, it is not ok. I truly thought the same some time 
ago. Since then, I've seen and interacted with many of those requests.

The point is, those people, they /don't give a fuck/. They will not tell 
their customers the risks, nor make an honest assessment of the situation.

I really do not want OpenCSW to be assisting people who are essentially 
scammers, helping them to deceive those who give them money.

You don't understand that attitude, because you're honest, and doing 
your best for your customers. But it's definitely not the case for those 
companies. They're doing the LEAST effort possible, and cashing in on it.
It's not comparable to firmware. A bad OpenBoot cannot be exploited 
remotely to get access to your systems, unlike plenty of those packages 
we're distributing. I understand your past experience, but don't let it 
influence you: your motivations were not the same, at all.

But by all means, again, put a message instead of the catalogs that they 
are welcome to assist in maintaining them. So they will contact us when 
they need. That's what we need, that's what they need, everybody will be 


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