IT's time to remove the Solaris 8 packages

Riccardo Mottola rmottola at
Thu Dec 4 19:38:49 CET 2014


I'm usually against removing something.. the usage of those packages is 
at the user's risk.
If you think e.g. NetBSD, you can go and download every version up to 
1.x, everything which is not supported anymore is moved into an 
"archive", often not mirrored.

Solaris 8 machines might be used more by by hobbyists or some special 
apps where there is still old hardware running.
Now I understand that if people run it in production it is generally a 
bad thing. So given that, perhaps "archiving" them is not enough?

I said that my intention is to do a re-spin of some core packages: 
compiler, bash and of course openssl/openssh. But I still have my 
troubles getting packages build on solaris 9/10 first.
It shows though that I am not the only one :) But I am not crazy to run 
externally exposed services. Actually, right now I even removed ssh 
access to it, since it surely has a bugy ssl!


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