gnutar vs gtar ?

Riccardo Mottola rmottola at
Sun Dec 7 19:23:32 CET 2014


After Dagobert made several changes to gnustep-base (there is stills 
something left), I tried to update also gnustep-gui to his suggestions. 
I wanted, at least locally, go up with his changes to an application and 
see it all works compared to mine.

gnustep-base builds on my box just fine, as on the buildfarm.

while building gnustep-gui on my own box

Making install for bundle libgmodel...
  Installing headers...
  Installing bundle directory...
/bin/sh: gnutar: not found
/bin/sh: gnutar: not found
recipe for target 'shared-instance-bundle-install' failed

bash-4.3$ which gtar
bash-4.3$ which gnutar
no gnutar in /opt/csw/bin /usr/bin /usr/ucb /etc .

What's the situation at your place? Who is invoking "gnutar" ? It is not 
something usual, I don't have gnutar on other platforms like NetBSD, but 


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