gnutar vs gtar ?

Riccardo Mottola rmottola at
Mon Dec 8 01:06:04 CET 2014


Maciej (Matchek) Bliziński wrote:
> It looks like a simple substitution patch for the build files.
> If you wanted to do the right thing, you could contact the upstream
> and ask them about it.
I have commit access to upstream myself and have contact to the 
developers, so I could to that myself even.
However, when I did a "source" build myself before attempting packages, 
this did not happen.

gnustep-gui has no single reference to gnutar, it call apparently comes 
down from gnustep-make which checks for available programs during 
configure. I think I never had gnutar on the machine. I can't say for 
the buidfarm, because gnustep-base package is still not complete.

inside gnustep-make I found:

AC_CHECK_PROGS(TAR, gnutar gtar, tar)

this should actually check for gnustar first, gtar then.. and as 
fallback use tar, right?

perhaps gnustep-make is configured without the proper environment and 
can't find csw's tar ? But that still would fallback to solaris tar, not 
use gnutar indeed.



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