Riccardo Mottola rmottola at opencsw.org
Wed Dec 24 16:41:46 CET 2014


during the building of GNUstep base package, the only mass of warnings I 
have is about two quite similar problems, but proably still different.


This is the library I am building against an existing library.

Now, Dagobert explains to me that the problem is related to LD_OPTIONS 
and the -B direct flag.
My problem is understanding better LD_OPTIONS and their interaction with 

GNUstep's configure is "LDFLAGs" aware and will push them down to the 
make. LD_OPTIONS is instead just ignored and not messed with (I asked 
some of the GNUstep guys).

I understand that gar tries already to set the correct LD_OPTIONS, but 
they do not get used.

First, what are LD_OPTIONS? They seem to be something quite specific to 
Soalris, similar to LDFLAGS but not equivalent.

How do you handle this with other packages using configure? Is it only 
me running into this problem?

as well as

CHECKPKG_OVERRIDES_CSWgnustep-base += soname-not-found|libgnustep-base.so.1.24|is|needed|by|opt/csw/GNUstep/System/Tools/gdnc

which is different since it is some of the tools against the library itself being built.
Here Dago suggests setting EXTRA_RUNPATH_DIRS.

I added in my Makefile
EXTRA_RUNPATH_DIRS = /opt/csw/GNUstep/System/Library/Libraries

but I still get the warning!


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