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Dagobert Michelsen dam at
Thu Jul 3 18:39:23 CEST 2014

Hi Riccardo,

Am 03.07.2014 um 17:10 schrieb Riccardo Mottola:
> Dagobert Michelsen wrote:
>> I would suggest PRESERVECONF +=
>> $(sysconfdir)/GNUstep/installation-domains.conf 
> Ok! I didn't gather that it was a "list" of paths but actually makes
> sense I did:
> PRESERVECONF += $(sysconfdir)/installation-domains.conf
> Out of my guts, just because ginstall required the removal of GNUstep...
> to actually end in GNUstep.
> How can I check what actually gets used? does it end in a file i can
> inspect?

You can see that the install-class is set to cswpreserveconf in the prototype, e.g.

dam at login [login]:/home/dam/mgar/pkg/squid/trunk/work/solaris10-sparc/build-global > more *.prototype
d none /etc/opt/csw/init.d 0755 root bin
f cswinitsmf /etc/opt/csw/init.d/cswsquid 0755 root bin
d none /etc/opt/csw/pkg 0755 root bin
d none /etc/opt/csw/pkg/CSWsquid 0755 root bin
f cswmigrateconf /etc/opt/csw/pkg/CSWsquid/cswmigrateconf 0644 root bin
f cswusergroup /etc/opt/csw/pkg/CSWsquid/cswusergroup 0644 root bin
d none /etc/opt/csw/squid 0755 root bin
f cswpreserveconf /etc/opt/csw/squid/cachemgr.conf.CSW 0644 root bin
f cswpreserveconf /etc/opt/csw/squid/errorpage.css.CSW 0644 root bin

>>>>> Second, I suppose, that it would be more appropriate to put configure GNUstep.conf to be in /opt/csw/etc ?
>>>> Even better would be /etc/opt/csw, please see for details
>>> Yes, sounds better indeed. I thus added:
>>> post-install:
>>>   ( cp $(WORKSRC)/installation-domains.conf /etc/opt/csw/GNUstep/ )
>>> But I get this error:
>>>       [test-modulated] complete for gnustep-make.
>>> ( cp
>>> work/build-isa-sparcv8plus/gnustep-make-2.6.6/installation-domains.conf
>>> /etc/opt/csw/GNUstep/ )
>>> cp: cannot create /etc/opt/csw/GNUstep/: Not a directory
>>> Makefile:36: recipe for target 'post-install' failed
>>> gmake[1]: *** [post-install] Error 2
>>> gmake[1]: Leaving directory
>>> '/home/multix/code/opencsw/gnustep-make/trunk'
>>> because the directory does not exist yet, if everything works as
>>> expected it will be created by the actual installation scripts. I looked
>>> in other Makefiles for examples, but they usually use DESTDIR, which is
>>> not correct in my case.
>> Try
>>  ginstall -D -m 0644 $(WORKSRC)/installation-domains.conf $(DESTDIR)$(sysconfdir)/GNUstep/installation-domains.conf
>> Why shouldn’t DESTDIR be correct?
> I don't know, I guessed wrong, since it works.
> why should I use (g)install instead of cp? what's the difference?

ginstall makes directories as needed and sets permissions if you want.

> I had to remove one level of "GNUstep"
> ginstall -D -m 0644 $(WORKSRC)/installation-domains.conf $(DESTDIR)$(sysconfdir)/installation-domains.conf
> appears to work.

Looks good.

Best regards

  -- Dago

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