terminfo entries for rxvt-unicode

Oliver Kiddle opk at opencsw.org
Thu Oct 16 23:12:59 CEST 2014

Maciej wrote:
> I agree. A modular and easy for us way would be to create
> CSWterminfo-rxvt-unicode and make CSWterminfo depend on it.

Ok. I've done that and put CSWterminfo-rxvt-unicode in experimental.
Does it look right? If I redo CSWterminfo with the extra dependency, can
I upload that without the rest of ncurses or would that cause problems?
Or would the ncurses maintainer (Dago?) prefer that I leave it to them?

The rxvt-unicode package also seems to create a stub to obsolete an old
CSWurxvt package. Is that still needed if I upload CSWrxvt-unicode. I
can't find any CSWrxvt-unicode or CSWurxvt in any of the past stable
releases though it seems to have been in gar since 2009.

Currently, it is only building without support for the perl plugins
which is a bit of a pity. Any help with getting that to work would be

Also, on the subject of ncurses, the comment at the top of the Makefile
for it suggests linking to libtinfo5 but we don't seem to have that
library. It perhaps needs configure --with-termlib. Does the transition
scheme perhaps not work so well for us due to Solaris direct binding?
The comment has a link that can't be read without an account signup but
I'm assuming it is probably similar to this:


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