guile / unistr int8 types solaris 9

Riccardo Mottola rmottola at
Thu Oct 8 19:45:31 CEST 2015


since I want a new GnuTLS updated for all platforms, including for 
security reasons, I need a new libopts 64bit which comes from autogen 
which does not rebuild and would need also a 64bit guile.
Trying to rebuild guile (old version or minor updated one) on solaris 9 
gives the following error:

In file included from ../lib/stdint.h:78:0,
                  from ../libguile/scmconfig.h:24,
                  from ../libguile/__scm.h:54,
                  from ../libguile/_scm.h:68,
                  from chars.c:31:
error: conflicting types for 'unistring_int8_t'
/opt/csw/include/unistring/stdint.h:107:21: note: previous declaration 
of 'unistring_int8_t' was here

can someone help me out? I do not fully understand: there is a lot of 
magic for the problematic stdint.h headers of many platforms.
It looks actually about the same file over and over reused in these GNU 

unistring_int8_t : is defined only once in unistring! it has a private 
name and is:

typedef signed char unistring_int8_t;

the cited gcc stdint.h at line 34 defines:

typedef __INT8_TYPE__ int8_t;

where is the catch??


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