amd53 on solaris 9

Riccardo Mottola rmottola at
Tue Dec 6 11:59:27 CET 2016


Joerg Schilling wrote:
>> # Solaris 9 package does not contain 64 bit on i386 as we have a separate Solaris 10 package
>> >SKIP_MODULATIONS-5.9 += isa-amd64
> Solaris with amd64 support first appeared in August 2004 - half a year before
> FCS of Solaris 10. There is no amd64 support for Solaris 9 AFAIK.

well, exactly, that is the point: solaris 9 has no amd64 support at all.
Thus "mgar build" on solaris9 intel shouldn't "fail" by saying that 
amd64 is not a supported ISA, since it makes no sense.

Dagobert's trick does work, but I wonder if it is now needed for every 
single packages available for solaris 9?


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