Python in shebang

slowfranklin slowfranklin at
Thu Feb 18 10:44:28 CET 2016

>> The file to be installed in opt/csw/bin/afpstats does not specify a specific version of python either in its installed path nor in its text.  Such a file cannot be analyzed for dependencies since the v
>> ersion of python it will be used with is unknown.  The text of the file is here: /home/slow/opencsw/netatalk/trunk/work/solaris11-i386/pkgroot/opt/csw/bin/afpstats.
>> /home/slow/opencsw/.buildsys/v2/gar// recipe for target 'packageips-netatalk' failed
>> ---8<---
>> head -n 1 /home/slow/opencsw/netatalk/trunk/work/solaris11-i386/pkgroot/opt/csw/bin/afpstats
>> #!/usr/bin/env python
>> How can I fix this?
> You need to use a specific Python interpreter, like
>  #!/opt/csw/bin/python2.7
> Can you specific something like —with-python=… or something?

arg, no. I'd have to add patch. :/

Can't I simply override the error in the Makefile like I do for all the other errors? :)))


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