freetype header problem / CFLAGS

Riccardo Mottola rmottola at
Sat Feb 27 10:15:25 CET 2016

Hi Dagobert,

sorry for the delay - I was away for business and otherwise busy.

Dagobert Michelsen ha scritto:
> Look here:
> Try
>    EXTRA_INC += $(includedir)/freetype2

It seems to "apply" but does not help, I really do wonder. Some other 
catch? Perhaps something is not configured in a sub-project?
May you try yourself?

The question is of course why it works on solaris 10 and not 9, since 
they have the *same* freetype version installed: I built it.

Is there a way to manually run the build stage with the same options? 
GNUstep make hides the command line (e.g. you see only "Compiling 
xxxx...". While I want to add "messages=yes" to the make parameteres 
temporarily, so I can see if the include is actually passed along.


PS: Actually there are new versions of freetype available, but first I 
am unable to build them, second I did not want to add enthropy, since 
the one we have is fine on Solaris 10!

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