[csw-newpkgs] The GNU Compiler Collection 3.4.4 is released as Blastwave packages

Peter FELECAN pfelecan at blastwave.org
Sun Jun 5 09:27:08 MEST 2005

GNU Compiler Collection 3.4.4

This is the branch 3 of the GNU compiler suite. The branch 3 is more
and more used. However, the branch 2 is still used and sometimes
preferred for some products. If you are in this situation look for the
gcc2 related packages.

The salient point of this release are:

1. The branch 3 compiler is installed in /opt/csw/gcc3, similar to the
   branch 2, and the rt packages install the versioned shared
   libraries in /opt/csw/lib

2. There is a fixinclude stage executed in the postinstall script for
   gcc3core. [see point 7 in the notes at the end of this document]

3. The granularity of the packages is identical to that of the FSF,
   i.e. gcc3core, gcc3g++, gcc3g77, gcc3java, gcc3objc, gcc3ada and
   each one has a corresponding runtime package, e.g. gcc3corert; a
   similar granularity can be found in the branch 2.

        gcc3core  C compiler
		gcc3g++   C++ compiler
		gcc3g77   FORTRAN compiler
		gcc3java  Java compiler
		gcc3objc  Objective C compiler
		gcc3ada	  Ada Compiler

4. The packages inter-dependencies are as follows:

	gcc3core:	\
	gcc3g++rt:	\
	gcc3g++:	\
				gcc3core \
	gcc3g77rt:	\
	gcc3g77:	\
				gcc3core \
	gcc3javart:	\
				gcc3corert \

	gcc3java:	\
	gcc3objcrt:	\
	gcc3objc:	\
				gcc3core \
	gcc3ada:	\
				gcc3core \

5. All the packages were tested using the latest testsuite (3.4.4),
   with the exception of Java which doesn't have a test set,
   on Solaris SPARC 9 and Solaris Intel 8

It should also be noted that:

1. /opt/csw has precedence in searching headers, libraries and dynamic

2. /usr/local/include or /opt/sfw/include are not part of the default
   include search path.

3. There is no dependency on <sys/cdefs.h>

4. -mcpu=v8 is the default on SPARC (instead of -mcpu=v7)

5. Each package has its documentation in a specific directory in
   /opt/csw/share/doc, the common documents are linked to the gcc3core
   directory, and additionally contains the documentation in PDF.

6. The replacement of the old packaging is done through 2 stub
   packages: gcc3rt and gcc3 having the following dependances:

   gcc3rt:	 \
			 gcc3corert \

   gcc3:	 \
			 gcc3core \

   This means that when upgrading from a revision older thant 3.4.3,
   only the C and C++ compilers are left on the system (previously
   Objective-C, FORTRAN, Java and Ada were in one package for the
   run-time, gcc3rt, Objective-C, FORTRAN and Ada were in a compiler
   suite package gcc3 and Java was in a separate compiler package

7. The includes need fixing each time that the system includes
   are updated. Consequently, there is the possibility to fix the
   system includes when needed by running the following script, as root:

8. The documentation in info format is stored in
   /opt/csw/gcc4/info. If you wish to access it from info aware tools,
   add this directory to the INFOPATH environment variable. For
   example, for a bash user:

   export INFOPATH=/opt/csw/info:/opt/csw/gcc4/info


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