[csw-newpkgs] weekly package summary

Philip Brown phil at blastwave.org
Mon Mar 21 05:45:02 MET 2005

Attached is the summary of changed or added packages for the last week
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pkg_get - CSW version of automated package download tool
curl - Library and tool for common Internet protocols
bind - ISC BIND reference implementation
gphoto2 - gphoto2 is a command-line frontend to libgphoto2
courier_imap - Server that provides IMAP access to Maildirs
graphviz - Graph Drawing Programs from AT&T Research and Lucent Bell Labs
libgphoto2 - libgphoto2 is a library that can be used by applications to access digital cameras
courier_auth - Generic authentication API for Courier
xemacs - XEmacs editor
myodbc - MySQL ODBC driver
stlport - a C++ Standard Library implementation
ethereal - Ethereal is a free network protocol analyzer
squid - Squid Web Proxy Cache
proftpd - Highly configurable GPL-licensed FTP server software

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