[csw-newpkgs] weekly package summary

Philip Brown phil at blastwave.org
Mon Apr 23 06:01:04 MEST 2007

Attached is the summary of changed or added packages for the last week
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cyrus_imapd_utils - Various admin utilities for Cyrus Imapd/Popd
gocr - Open-source Character Recognition
pkg_get - CSW version of automated package download tool
pm_yaml - YAML Aint Markup Language (tm)
pm_clsdtainherit - Inheritable, overridable class data
pm_iocompressbase - Base Class for IO::Compress perl modules
pm_cyrus - Perl interface to Cyrus Imap functions
pm_dbdmysql - MySQL driver for the Perl5 Database Interface
pm_lclemktxtlex - Use other catalog formats in Maketext
cswutils - Utilities for CSW maintainers at blastwave.org
pm_clone - Recursively copy Perl datatypes
dcc - email greylisting and a cooperative, distributed system to identify spam
gifsicle - tool for creating, editing, and getting information about GIF images
curlrt - Library for common Internet protocols Runtime
hobbit - Hobbit Monitoring Server
nagiosp - nagios plugins including mysql, ldap, snmp
dovecot - Dovecot secure IMAP server
pm_podsimple - Framework for parsing Pod
curl - Library and tool for common Internet protocols
nagios - nagios network monitoring base package (no plugins)
pm_iocompresszlib - Interface to allow reading and writing of gzip and zip files/buffers
nautilus - File manager for the GNOME desktop
libclamav - Clam AntiVirus libraries and header files
pm_clsaccessor - Automated accessor generation
mysql5 - MySQL 5 database management system - server files
mysql5client - MySQL 5 database client executables
mysql5rt - run-time libraries for mysql5
firefox - Firefox Community Edition web browser
hobbit_client - Hobbit Monitoring Client
cyrus_imapd - Pop and Imap server from the Cyrus mail system
pm_yamlsyck - Fast, lightweight YAML loader and dumper
openldap_client - OpenLDAP client executables (oldapclient)
openldap_devel - OpenLDAP development support (oldapdevel)
openldap_rt - OpenLDAP runtime libraries (oldaprt)
nrpe - nagios remote plugin executor - execute plugins on remote hosts (remote files only)
openldap - OpenLDAP standalone server and update replication daemons (oldap)
clamav - Clam AntiVirus
firefox_fr - Firefox fr language pack
lighttpd - Security, speed, compliance, and flexibility http server
fluxbox - Yet another windowmanager for X
pm_compresszlib - Interface to zlib compression library
pm_compressrawzlib - Low-Level Interface to zlib compression library
pm_iomultiplex - Manage IO on many file handles
claws_mail - e-mail client based on GTK2 (previously known as SylpheedClaws)
nsca - Nagios service check acceptor - nagios server files only (the client package is send_nsca)
send_nsca - Nagios service check acceptor - send passive check results to nagios server (client files only)

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