[csw-newpkgs] weekly package summary

Philip Brown phil at blastwave.org
Mon May 5 06:01:03 MEST 2008

Attached is the summary of changed or added packages for the last week
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openssl:0.9.8g,REV=2008.04.30_rev=g - Openssl meta package
mesalibs:7.0.3 - Mesa 3D OpenGL graphics library
libmcrypt:2.5.8,REV=2008.03.27 - GPL replacement for Unix crypt that supports a wide range of algorithms and modes
schilyutils:1.02,REV=2008.04.29 - A collection of utilities from J. Schilling
pm_dbi:1.604,REV=2008.04.20 - Database independent interface for Perl
meld:1.1.5,REV=2008.04.26 - Graphical tool to diff and merge files
common:1.4.6,REV=2008.04.28 - common files and dirs for CSW packages
eclipse:3.3.2,REV=2008.03.30 - an open extensible IDE for Java
cswutils:1.12,REV=2008.04.28 - Utilities for CSW maintainers at blastwave.org
cabextract:1.2,REV=2008.04.27 - tool to extra data from .cab format
ghostscript:8.62,REV=2008.04.15 - Ghostscript, a PostScript and PDF interpreter for previewing, conversion and printing
star:1.5,REV=2008.04.29 - Standard TAR (a POSIX compliant TAR and a configurable secure RMT remote tape server)
pxupgrade:1.45,REV=2008.04.29 - upgrade firmware in Plextor CD/DVD writers
sccs:1.00.02,REV=2008.04.29 - the Source Code Control System (SCCS)
screen:4.0.3,REV=2008.04.30 - A window manager that multiplexes a physical terminal.
openssh:5.0,REV=2008.04.30_rev=p1 - OpenSSH Secure Shell openssh
eclipsecmn:3.3.2,REV=2008.03.30 - architecture independant files

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