[csw-newpkgs] weekly package summary

Philip Brown phil at opencsw.org
Mon Aug 24 00:01:04 CEST 2009

Attached is the summary of changed or added packages for the last week
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apache2:2.2.13,REV=2009.08.10 - A high performance Unix-based HTTP server.
apache2_manual:2.2.13,REV=2009.08.10 - A high performance Unix-based HTTP server.
emacs:23.1,REV=2009.08.18 - the Emacs editor based on the Athena toolkit
emacs_bin_common:23.1,REV=2009.08.18 - the Emacs editor common binaries
emacs_common:23.1,REV=2009.08.18 - the Emacs editor architecture neutral common components
emacs_el:23.1,REV=2009.08.18 - the Emacs editor elisp sources
emacs_gtk:23.1,REV=2009.08.18 - the Emacs editor based on the GTK toolkit
emacs_nox:23.1,REV=2009.08.18 - the Emacs editor without any XWindows dependencies
groff:1.20.1,REV=2009.07.16 - GNU roff/troff/nroff
jpeg:7,REV=2009.08.17 - JPEG library and tools by the Independent JPEG Group
ldns:1.6.1,REV=2009.08.14 - A library for programs conforming to DNS RFCs and drafts
libicu:4.2.1,REV=2009.08.10 - International Components for Unicode
libm17n:1.5.4,REV=2009.08.07 - a multilingual text processing library for the C language.
libm17n_devel:1.5.4,REV=2009.08.07 - a multilingual text processing library for the C language.; development
m17ndb:1.5.5,REV=2009.08.07 - the m17n database
munin_master:1.3.4,REV=2009.08.20 - munin master
munin_node:1.3.4,REV=2009.08.13 - munin node
ooocommon:3.1,REV=2009.08.20 - OpenOffice.org common files
ooocore:3.1,REV=2009.08.15 - OpenOffice.org core binaries
ooodictafza:3.1,REV=2009.08.18 - OpenOffice.org dictionaries af-ZA, Afrikaans, South Africa
ooodictbgbg:3.1,REV=2009.08.18 - OpenOffice.org dictionaries bg-BG, Bulgarian, Bulgaria
ooodictcaes:3.1,REV=2009.08.18 - OpenOffice.org dictionaries ca-ES, Catalan, Spain
ooodictcscz:3.1,REV=2009.08.18 - OpenOffice.org dictionaries cs-CZ, Czech, Czech Republic
ooodictcygb:3.1,REV=2009.08.18 - OpenOffice.org dictionaries cy-GB, Welsh
ooodictdadk:3.1,REV=2009.08.18 - OpenOffice.org dictionaries da-DK, Danish, Denmark
ooodictdeat:3.1,REV=2009.08.18 - OpenOffice.org dictionaries de-AT, German, Austria
ooodictdech:3.1,REV=2009.08.18 - OpenOffice.org dictionaries de-CH, German, Switzerland
ooodictdede:3.1,REV=2009.08.18 - OpenOffice.org dictionaries de-DE, German, Germany
ooodictelgr:3.1,REV=2009.08.18 - OpenOffice.org dictionaries el-GR, Greek, Greece
ooodictenau:3.1,REV=2009.08.18 - OpenOffice.org dictionaries en-AU, English, Australia
ooodictenca:3.1,REV=2009.08.18 - OpenOffice.org dictionaries en-CA, English, Canada
ooodictengb:3.1,REV=2009.08.18 - OpenOffice.org dictionaries en-GB, English, UK
ooodictennz:3.1,REV=2009.08.18 - OpenOffice.org dictionaries en-NZ, English, New Zealand
ooodictenus:3.1,REV=2009.08.18 - OpenOffice.org dictionaries en-US, English, US
ooodicteses:3.1,REV=2009.08.18 - OpenOffice.org dictionaries es-ES, Spanish, Spain
ooodictesmx:3.1,REV=2009.08.18 - OpenOffice.org dictionaries es-MX, Spanish, Mexico
ooodictetee:3.1,REV=2009.08.18 - OpenOffice.org dictionaries et-EE, Estonian, Estonia
ooodictfrbe:3.1,REV=2009.08.18 - OpenOffice.org dictionaries fr-BE, French, Belgium
ooodictfrfr:3.1,REV=2009.08.18 - OpenOffice.org dictionaries fr-FR, French, France
ooodictgles:3.1,REV=2009.08.18 - OpenOffice.org dictionaries gl-ES, Galician, Spain
ooodicthrhr:3.1,REV=2009.08.18 - OpenOffice.org dictionaries hr-HR, Croatian, Croatia
ooodicthuhu:3.1,REV=2009.08.18 - OpenOffice.org dictionaries hu-HU, Hungarian, Hungary
ooodictitit:3.1,REV=2009.08.18 - OpenOffice.org dictionaries it-IT, Italian, Italy
ooodictltlt:3.1,REV=2009.08.18 - OpenOffice.org dictionaries lt-LT, Lithuanian, Lithuania
ooodictnbno:3.1,REV=2009.08.18 - OpenOffice.org dictionaries nb-NO, Norwegian, Bokmal
ooodictnlnl:3.1,REV=2009.08.18 - OpenOffice.org dictionaries nl-NL, Dutch, Netherlands
ooodictnnno:3.1,REV=2009.08.18 - OpenOffice.org dictionaries nn-NO, Norwegian, Nynorsk
ooodictplpl:3.1,REV=2009.08.18 - OpenOffice.org dictionaries pl-PL, Polish, Poland
ooodictptbr:3.1,REV=2009.08.18 - OpenOffice.org dictionaries pt-BR, Portuguese, Brazil
ooodictptpt:3.1,REV=2009.08.18 - OpenOffice.org dictionaries pt-PT, Portuguese, Portugal
ooodictsksk:3.1,REV=2009.08.18 - OpenOffice.org dictionaries sk-SK, Slovak, Slovakia
ooodictslsi:3.1,REV=2009.08.18 - OpenOffice.org dictionaries sl-SI, Slovenian
ooodictsvse:3.1,REV=2009.08.18 - OpenOffice.org dictionaries sv-SE, Swedish, Sweden
ooodictzuza:3.1,REV=2009.08.18 - OpenOffice.org dictionaries zu-ZA, Zulu, South Africa
ooouiaf:3.1,REV=2009.08.15 - OpenOffice.org user interface, af, Afrikaans
ooouibg:3.1,REV=2009.08.15 - OpenOffice.org user interface, bg, Bulgarian
ooouica:3.1,REV=2009.08.15 - OpenOffice.org user interface, ca, Catalan
ooouics:3.1,REV=2009.08.15 - OpenOffice.org user interface, cs, Czech
ooouicy:3.1,REV=2009.08.15 - OpenOffice.org user interface, cy, Welsh
ooouida:3.1,REV=2009.08.15 - OpenOffice.org user interface, da, Danish
ooouide:3.1,REV=2009.08.15 - OpenOffice.org user interface, de, German
ooouiel:3.1,REV=2009.08.15 - OpenOffice.org user interface, el, Greek
ooouiengb:3.1,REV=2009.08.15 - OpenOffice.org user interface, en-GB, English, United Kingdom
ooouienus:3.1,REV=2009.08.15 - OpenOffice.org user interface, en-US, English, United States of America
ooouies:3.1,REV=2009.08.15 - OpenOffice.org user interface, es, Spanish
ooouiet:3.1,REV=2009.08.15 - OpenOffice.org user interface, et, Estonian
ooouifr:3.1,REV=2009.08.15 - OpenOffice.org user interface, fr, French
ooouigl:3.1,REV=2009.08.15 - OpenOffice.org user interface, gl, Galician
ooouihr:3.1,REV=2009.08.15 - OpenOffice.org user interface, hr, Croatian
ooouihu:3.1,REV=2009.08.15 - OpenOffice.org user interface, hu, Hungarian
ooouiit:3.1,REV=2009.08.15 - OpenOffice.org user interface, it, Italian
ooouilt:3.1,REV=2009.08.15 - OpenOffice.org user interface, lt, Lithuanian
ooouinb:3.1,REV=2009.08.15 - OpenOffice.org user interface, nb, Bokmal
ooouinl:3.1,REV=2009.08.15 - OpenOffice.org user interface, nl, Dutch
ooouinn:3.1,REV=2009.08.15 - OpenOffice.org user interface, nn, Nynorsk
ooouipl:3.1,REV=2009.08.15 - OpenOffice.org user interface, pl, Polish
ooouipt:3.1,REV=2009.08.15 - OpenOffice.org user interface, pt, Portuguese
ooouiptbr:3.1,REV=2009.08.15 - OpenOffice.org user interface, pt-BR, Portuguese, Brazil
ooouisk:3.1,REV=2009.08.15 - OpenOffice.org user interface, sk, Slovak
ooouisl:3.1,REV=2009.08.15 - OpenOffice.org user interface, sl, Slovenian
ooouisv:3.1,REV=2009.08.15 - OpenOffice.org user interface, sv, Swedish
ooouitr:3.1,REV=2009.08.15 - OpenOffice.org user interface, tr, Turkish
ooouizu:3.1,REV=2009.08.15 - OpenOffice.org user interface, zu, Zulu
openofficeafza:3.1,REV=2009.08.18 - OpenOffice.org office suite, Afrikaans, South Africa
openofficebgbg:3.1,REV=2009.08.18 - OpenOffice.org office suite, Bulgarian, Bulgaria
openofficecaes:3.1,REV=2009.08.18 - OpenOffice.org office suite, Catalan, Spain
openofficecscz:3.1,REV=2009.08.18 - OpenOffice.org office suite, Czech, Czech Republic
openofficecygb:3.1,REV=2009.08.18 - OpenOffice.org office suite, Welsh, Great Britain
openofficedadk:3.1,REV=2009.08.18 - OpenOffice.org office suite, Danish, Denmark
openofficedeat:3.1,REV=2009.08.18 - OpenOffice.org office suite, German, Austria
openofficedech:3.1,REV=2009.08.18 - OpenOffice.org office suite, German, Switzerland
openofficedede:3.1,REV=2009.08.18 - OpenOffice.org office suite, German, Germany
openofficeelgr:3.1,REV=2009.08.18 - OpenOffice.org office suite, Greek, Greece
openofficeenau:3.1,REV=2009.08.18 - OpenOffice.org office suite, English, Australia
openofficeenca:3.1,REV=2009.08.18 - OpenOffice.org office suite, English, Canada
openofficeengb:3.1,REV=2009.08.18 - OpenOffice.org office suite, English, Great Britain, en-GB
openofficeennz:3.1,REV=2009.08.18 - OpenOffice.org office suite, English, New Zealand
openofficeenus:3.1,REV=2009.08.18 - OpenOffice.org office suite, English, USA, en-US
openofficeeses:3.1,REV=2009.08.18 - OpenOffice.org office suite, Spanish, Spain
openofficeesmx:3.1,REV=2009.08.18 - OpenOffice.org office suite, Spanish, Mexico
openofficeetee:3.1,REV=2009.08.18 - OpenOffice.org office suite, Estonian, Estonia
openofficefrbe:3.1,REV=2009.08.18 - OpenOffice.org office suite, French, Belgium
openofficefrfr:3.1,REV=2009.08.18 - OpenOffice.org office suite, French, France
openofficegles:3.1,REV=2009.08.18 - OpenOffice.org office suite, Galicia,n Spain
openofficehrhr:3.1,REV=2009.08.18 - OpenOffice.org office suite, Croatian, Croatia
openofficehuhu:3.1,REV=2009.08.18 - OpenOffice.org office suite, Hungarian, Hungary
openofficeitit:3.1,REV=2009.08.18 - OpenOffice.org office suite, Italian, Italy
openofficeltlt:3.1,REV=2009.08.18 - OpenOffice.org office suite, Lithuanian, Lithuania
openofficenbno:3.1,REV=2009.08.18 - OpenOffice.org office suite, Bokmal, Norway
openofficenlnl:3.1,REV=2009.08.18 - OpenOffice.org office suite, Dutch, Netherlands
openofficennno:3.1,REV=2009.08.18 - OpenOffice.org office suite, Nynorsk, Norway
openofficeplpl:3.1,REV=2009.08.18 - OpenOffice.org office suite, Polish, Poland
openofficeptbr:3.1,REV=2009.08.18 - OpenOffice.org office suite, Portuguese, Brazil
openofficeptpt:3.1,REV=2009.08.18 - OpenOffice.org office suite, Portuguese, Portugal
openofficesksk:3.1,REV=2009.08.18 - OpenOffice.org office suite, Slovakian, Slovakia
openofficeslsi:3.1,REV=2009.08.18 - OpenOffice.org office suite, Slovenian, Slovenia
openofficesvse:3.1,REV=2009.08.18 - OpenOffice.org office suite, Swedish, Sweden
openofficezuza:3.1,REV=2009.08.18 - OpenOffice.org office suite, Zulu, South Africa
perl:5.8.8,REV=2009.08.17 - A high-level, general-purpose programming language
perldoc:5.8.8,REV=2009.08.17 - A high-level, general-purpose programming language
pm_netnis:0.43,REV=2009.08.04 - Interface to Sun's Network Information Service
png:1.2.39,REV=2009.08.13 - library for Portable Network Graphics format (PNG)
rubygems:1.3.5,REV=2009.08.18 - Ruby package manager
thunderbird:,REV=2009.08.19 - Mozilla Thunderbird Mail Client
twisted:8.2.0,REV=2009.07.29 - An event-driven networking engine

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