[csw-newpkgs] weekly package summary

Philip Brown phil at opencsw.org
Mon May 4 00:01:03 CEST 2009

Attached is the summary of changed or added packages for the last week
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ap2_modphp5:5.2.9,REV=2009.04.30 - PHP 5 - Apache 2.2.x Module
ap2_subversion:1.6.1,REV=2009.04.29 - Subversion Modules for Apache 2
apache2_manual:2.2.11,REV=2009.04.28 - Apache 2.2 manual
fontconfig:2.6.0,REV=2009.04.24 - A library for configuring and customizing font access.
javasvn:1.6.1,REV=2009.04.29 - Subversion Java Language Binding
kawa:1.9.1,REV=2009.04.26 - Scheme implementation in Java and programming language framework
mod_php5:5.2.9,REV=2009.04.29 - PHP 5 - Apache 1.3.x Module
nagios_plugins:1.4.13,REV=2009.04.26 - plugins for nagios
nrpe:2.12,REV=2009.04.26 - nagios remote plugin executor
nrpe_plugin:2.12,REV=2009.04.26 - nagios plugin that connects to nrpe demon
nsca:2.7.2,REV=2009.04.26 - nagios service check acceptor
php5:5.2.9,REV=2009.04.29 - A High-Level Scripting Languages
php5_bcmath:5.2.9,REV=2009.04.29 - bcmath Extention for PHP5
php5_bz2:5.2.9,REV=2009.04.29 - bz2 Extention for PHP5
php5_calendar:5.2.9,REV=2009.04.29 - calendar Extention for PHP5
php5_ctype:5.2.9,REV=2009.04.29 - ctype Extention for PHP5
php5_curl:5.2.9,REV=2009.04.29 - curl Extention for PHP5
php5_dba:5.2.9,REV=2009.04.29 - dba Extention for PHP5
php5_dbase:5.2.9,REV=2009.04.29 - dbase Extention for PHP5
php5_devel:5.2.9,REV=2009.04.29 - Development files for php5
php5_dom:5.2.9,REV=2009.04.29 - dom Extention for PHP5
php5_exif:5.2.9,REV=2009.04.29 - exif Extention for PHP5
php5_ftp:5.2.9,REV=2009.04.29 - ftp Extention for PHP5
php5_gd:5.2.9,REV=2009.04.29 - gd Extention for PHP5
php5_gettext:5.2.9,REV=2009.04.29 - gettext Extention for PHP5
php5_gmp:5.2.9,REV=2009.04.29 - gmp Extention for PHP5
php5_hash:5.2.9,REV=2009.04.29 - hash Extention for PHP5
php5_iconv:5.2.9,REV=2009.04.29 - iconv Extention for PHP5
php5_imap:5.2.9,REV=2009.04.29 - imap Extention for PHP5
php5_json:5.2.9,REV=2009.04.29 - json Extention for PHP5
php5_ldap:5.2.9,REV=2009.04.29 - ldap Extention for PHP5
php5_mbstring:5.2.9,REV=2009.04.29 - mbstring Extention for PHP5
php5_mcrypt:5.2.9,REV=2009.04.29 - mcrypt Extention for PHP5
php5_mhash:5.2.9,REV=2009.04.29 - mhash Extention for PHP5
php5_mime_magic:5.2.9,REV=2009.04.29 - mime magic Extention for PHP5
php5_mssql:5.2.9,REV=2009.04.29 - mssql Extention for PHP5
php5_mysql:5.2.9,REV=2009.04.29 - mysql Extention for PHP5
php5_mysqli:5.2.9,REV=2009.04.29 - mysqli Extention for PHP5
php5_ncurses:5.2.9,REV=2009.04.29 - ncurses Extention for PHP5
php5_odbc:5.2.9,REV=2009.04.29 - odbc Extention for PHP5
php5_openssl:5.2.9,REV=2009.04.29 - openssl Extention for PHP5
php5_pcntl:5.2.9,REV=2009.04.29 - pcntl Extention for PHP5
php5_pdo:5.2.9,REV=2009.04.29 - A database access abstraction module for PHP applications
php5_pdomysql:5.2.9,REV=2009.04.29 - A MySQL specific database access abstraction module for PHP applications
php5_pdoodbc:5.2.9,REV=2009.04.29 - An ODBC specific database access abstraction module for PHP applications
php5_pdopgsql:5.2.9,REV=2009.04.29 - A PgSQL specific database access abstraction module for PHP applications
php5_pdosqlite:5.2.9,REV=2009.04.29 - A Sqlite specific database access abstraction module for PHP applications
php5_pgsql:5.2.9,REV=2009.04.29 - pgsql Extention for PHP5
php5_posix:5.2.9,REV=2009.04.29 - posix Extention for PHP5
php5_pspell:5.2.9,REV=2009.04.29 - pspell Extention for PHP5
php5_readline:5.2.9,REV=2009.04.29 - readline Extention for PHP5
php5_session:5.2.9,REV=2009.04.29 - session Extention for PHP5
php5_shmop:5.2.9,REV=2009.04.29 - shmop Extention for PHP5
php5_snmp:5.2.9,REV=2009.04.29 - snmp Extention for PHP5
php5_soap:5.2.9,REV=2009.04.29 - soap Extention for PHP5
php5_sockets:5.2.9,REV=2009.04.29 - sockets Extention for PHP5
php5_sqlite:5.2.9,REV=2009.04.29 - sqlite Extention for PHP5
php5_sysvmsg:5.2.9,REV=2009.04.29 - sysvmsg Extention for PHP5
php5_sysvsem:5.2.9,REV=2009.04.29 - sysvsem Extention for PHP5
php5_sysvshm:5.2.9,REV=2009.04.29 - sysvshm Extention for PHP5
php5_tidy:5.2.9,REV=2009.04.29 - tidy Extention for PHP5
php5_tokenizer:5.2.9,REV=2009.04.29 - tokenizer Extention for PHP5
php5_wddx:5.2.9,REV=2009.04.29 - wddx Extention for PHP5
php5_xmlreader:5.2.9,REV=2009.04.29 - xmlreader Extention for PHP5
php5_xmlrpc:5.2.9,REV=2009.04.29 - xmlrpc Extention for PHP5
php5_xmlwriter:5.2.9,REV=2009.04.29 - xmlwriter Extention for PHP5
php5_xsl:5.2.9,REV=2009.04.29 - xsl Extention for PHP5
php5_zip:5.2.9,REV=2009.04.29 - zip Extention for PHP5
pm_subversion:1.6.1,REV=2009.04.29 - Subversion Perl Language Binding
pysvn:1.6.1,REV=2009.04.29 - Subversion Python Language Binding
rbsvn:1.6.1,REV=2009.04.29 - Subversion Ruby Language Binding
scala:2.7.4,REV=2009.04.27 - The Scala programming language
send_nsca:2.7.2,REV=2009.04.26 - sends check results to nsca daemon
subversion:1.6.1,REV=2009.04.29 - Version control rethought
subversion_devel:1.6.1,REV=2009.04.29 - Subversion Development Support

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