[csw-newpkgs] weekly package summary

Philip Brown phil at opencsw.org
Mon Oct 12 00:01:01 CEST 2009

Attached is the summary of changed or added packages for the last week
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asciidoc:8.4.5,REV=2009.09.18 - An Documentation Generator
colordiff:1.0.9,REV=2009.10.08 - Wrapper for for the diff command producing colored output
cswutils:1.14.4,REV=2009.10.02 - Utilities for CSW maintainers
diffstat:1.50,REV=2009.10.07 - A utility which provides statistics based on the output of diff
docbookdsssl:1.79,REV=2009.09.15 - Norman Walsh's modular stylesheets for DocBook
docbookdtds:4.5,REV=2009.09.16 - SGML and XML document type definitions for DocBook.
docbookxsl:1.74.3,REV=2009.09.11 - Norman Walsh's XSL stylesheets for DocBook XML
docbookxsldoc:1.74.3,REV=2009.09.11 - Documentation for the Docbook XSL stylesheets
esound:0.2.41,REV=2009.10.05 - EsounD, The Enlightened Sound Daemon
fribidi:0.19.2,REV=2009.10.07 - An implementation of the Unicode Bidirectional Algorithm (bidi)
gar_devel:1.0,REV=2009.10.07 - Ease setting up a GAR development environment
libcroco:0.6.2,REV=2009.10.09 - A CSS parsing and manipulation toolkit
libebml:0.7.8,REV=2009.10.08 - Library for Extensible Binary Meta Language
libmatio:1.3.3,REV=2009.10.07 - An ISO C library for reading and writing Matlab MAT files
libxaw:1.0.6,REV=2009.10.05 - X Athena Widgets
libxaw_devel:1.0.6,REV=2009.10.05 - X Athena Widgets development files
libxml2:2.7.3,REV=2009.09.12 - XML Parser Library
libxml2_devel:2.7.3,REV=2009.09.12 - XML Parser Library Developer Files
libxpm:3.5.7,REV=2009.10.05 - X11 pixmap library
libxpm_devel:3.5.7,REV=2009.10.05 - X11 pixmap library development files
libxslt:1.1.24,REV=2009.09.08 - XSLT engine runtime package
libxslt_devel:1.1.24,REV=2009.09.08 - XSLT engine development package
mediawiki:1.14.0,REV=2009.10.05 - A free software wiki package written in PHP
mercurial:1.3.1,REV=2009.10.03 - Mercurial
neon:0.29.0,REV=2009.10.07 - Neon HTTP and WebDAV client library
neon_devel:0.29.0,REV=2009.10.07 - Neon HTTP and WebDAV development support
openjade:1.3.2,REV=2009.09.11 - A DSSSL implementation.
pakchois:0.4,REV=2009.10.08 - Just another PKCS #11 wrapper library
pkg_get:4.3,REV=2009.10.04 - CSW version of automated package download tool
py_libxml2:2.7.3,REV=2009.09.12 - XML Parser Library Python Bindings
py_libxslt:1.1.24,REV=2009.09.08 - XSLT engine python package
sgmlcommon:0.6.3,REV=2009.09.13 - A collection of sgml entities and DTDs
squirrelmail:1.4.19,REV=2009.10.05 - A standards-based webmail package written in PHP.
sudo:1.7.2,REV=2009.10.05_rev=p1 - Provides limited super user privileges
sudo_common:1.7.2,REV=2009.10.05_rev=p1 - Common files for sudo
sudo_ldap:1.7.2,REV=2009.10.05_rev=p1 - Provides limited super user privileges (LDAP Enabled)
xmlcommon:0.6.3,REV=2009.09.13 - A collection of xml entities and DTDs
xmlto:0.0.23,REV=2009.09.27 - An XSL toolchain front end.
xpm:3.5.7,REV=2009.10.05 - X11 pixmap library

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