[csw-newpkgs] weekly package summary

Philip Brown phil at opencsw.org
Mon Oct 26 00:01:02 CET 2009

Attached is the summary of changed or added packages for the last week
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bash:4.0.33,REV=2009.10.11 - A sh-compatible command language interpreter
berkeleydb:4.7.25,REV=2009.10.18 - Stub package as contents moved to CSWbdb47
berkeleydb3:3.3.11,REV=2009.10.18_rev=p2 - BerkeleyDB 3.3 embedded database libraries and utilities
berkeleydb3_devel:3.3.11,REV=2009.10.18_rev=p2 - BerkeleyDB 3.3 development support
berkeleydb3_doc:3.3.11,REV=2009.10.18_rev=p2 - BerkeleyDB 3.3 documentation
berkeleydb4:4.2.52,REV=2009.10.18 - Stub package as contents moved to CSWbdb42
berkeleydb42:4.2.52,REV=2009.10.18_rev=p5 - BerkeleyDB 4.2 embedded database libraries and utilities
berkeleydb42_devel:4.2.52,REV=2009.10.18_rev=p5 - BerkeleyDB 4.2 development support
berkeleydb42_doc:4.2.52,REV=2009.10.18_rev=p5 - BerkeleyDB 4.2 documentation
berkeleydb43:4.3.29,REV=2009.10.18_rev=p1 - BerkeleyDB 4.3
berkeleydb43_devel:4.3.29,REV=2009.10.18_rev=p1 - BerkeleyDB 4.3 development support
berkeleydb43_doc:4.3.29,REV=2009.10.18_rev=p1 - BerkeleyDB 4.3 documentation
berkeleydb44:4.4.20,REV=2009.10.18_rev=p4 - BerkeleyDB 4.4 embedded database libraries and utilities
berkeleydb44_devel:4.4.20,REV=2009.10.18_rev=p4 - BerkeleyDB 4.4 development support
berkeleydb44_doc:4.4.20,REV=2009.10.18_rev=p4 - BerkeleyDB 4.4 documentation
berkeleydb47:4.7.25,REV=2009.10.18_rev=p4 - BerkeleyDB 4.7 embedded database libraries and utilities
berkeleydb47_devel:4.7.25,REV=2009.10.18_rev=p4 - BerkeleyDB 4.7 development support
berkeleydb47_doc:4.7.25,REV=2009.10.18_rev=p4 - BerkeleyDB 4.7 documentation
berkeleydb48:4.8.24,REV=2009.10.18_rev=p0 - BerkeleyDB 4.8 embedded database libraries and utilities
berkeleydb48_devel:4.8.24,REV=2009.10.18_rev=p0 - BerkeleyDB 4.8 development support
berkeleydb48_doc:4.8.24,REV=2009.10.18_rev=p0 - BerkeleyDB 4.8 documentation
buildbot:0.7.11,REV=2009.10.23_rev=p3 - A system to automate the compile/test cycle
elinks:0.11.7,REV=2009.10.10 - An advanced text mode web browser
fetchmail:6.3.12,REV=2009.10.18 - Fetchmail mail retrieval and forwarding utility
fetchmailconf:1.56,REV=2009.10.18 - A GUI to configure and run fetchmail
git:1.6.5,REV=2009.10.14 - Fast Version Control System
git_completion:1.6.5,REV=2009.10.14 - Bash completion support for Git
git_cvs:1.6.5,REV=2009.10.14 - Git tools for working with CVS repositories
git_devel:1.6.5,REV=2009.10.14 - Headers and static libraries for Git
git_doc:1.6.5,REV=2009.10.14 - Documentation for Git
git_emacs:1.6.5,REV=2009.10.14 - Git VCS support for Emacs
git_gui:1.6.5,REV=2009.10.14 - Git GUI tool
git_svn:1.6.5,REV=2009.10.14 - Git tools for working with Subversion repositories
gitk:1.6.5,REV=2009.10.14 - Git revision tree visualiser
graphicsmagick:1.3.7,REV=2009.10.18 - The GraphicsMagick image manipulation tools & library
jasspame:2009.10.17,REV=2009.10.17 - JASSPA MicroEmacs
lftp:4.0.2,REV=2009.10.11 - sophisticated command-line ftp/http client
libxdg_basedir:1.0.2,REV=2009.09.26 - implements functions according to the XDG Base Directory Specification
log4sh:1.4.2,REV=2009.10.18 - A logging framework for shell scripts
ooocore:3.1.1,REV=2009.10.18 - OpenOffice.org core binaries
openssh:5.3,REV=2009.10.10_rev=p1 - OpenSSH Secure Shell server
openssh_client:5.3,REV=2009.10.10_rev=p1 - OpenSSH Secure Shell client
pm_htmlparser:3.63,REV=2009.10.23 - HTML parser class
py_gdata:2.0.3,REV=2009.10.15 - Google Data Protocol, a REST-inspired technology
shunit2:2.1.5,REV=2009.10.18 - a xUnit unit test framework for Bourne based shell scripts
syslog_ng:3.0.4,REV=2009.10.12 - A powerful syslogd replacement

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