[csw-newpkgs] weekly package summary

Philip Brown phil at opencsw.org
Mon Dec 13 00:01:02 CET 2010

Attached is the summary of changed or added packages for the last week
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ack:1.94,REV=2010.12.10 - ack: grep-like text finder, aimed at programmers
alternatives:1.1,REV=2010.10.02 - an implementation of linux-style alternatives choice mgr
berkeleydb48:4.8.30,REV=2010.12.06_rev=p0 - BerkeleyDB 4.8 embedded database libraries and utilities
berkeleydb48_devel:4.8.30,REV=2010.12.06_rev=p0 - BerkeleyDB 4.8 development support
berkeleydb48_doc:4.8.30,REV=2010.12.06_rev=p0 - BerkeleyDB 4.8 documentation
bind:9.7.2P3,REV=2010.12.03 - ISC BIND DNS main package
bind_chroot:9.7.2P3,REV=2010.12.03 - ISC BIND DNS chroot package
bind_devel:9.7.2P3,REV=2010.12.03 - ISC BIND DNS development package
bind_utils:9.7.2P3,REV=2010.12.03 - ISC BIND DNS utilities package
common:1.5,REV=2010.12.11 - common files and dirs for CSW packages
cups:1.4.4,REV=2010.10.20 - Common Unix Printing System
cupsclient:1.4.4,REV=2010.10.20 - CUPS client binaries
cupsdev:1.4.4,REV=2010.10.20 - CUPS header files
cupsdoc:1.4.4,REV=2010.10.20 - CUPS documentation
dhcp:4.2.0P1,REV=2010.12.03 - ISC DHCP reference implementation
dhcp_devel:4.2.0P1,REV=2010.12.03 - ISC DHCP development package
genshi:0.6,REV=2010.12.02 - Python toolkit for generation of output for the web
gpicview:0.2.1,REV=2010.12.09 - A Simple and Fast Image Viewer for X
libbind:9.7.2P3,REV=2010.12.03 - ISC BIND DNS library package
libcups:1.4.4,REV=2010.10.20 - Empty transitional package (was: CUPS libraries)
libcups2:1.4.4,REV=2010.10.20 - CUPS libraries, libcups.so.2
libcupscgi1:1.4.4,REV=2010.10.20 - CUPS libraries, libcupscgi.so.1
libcupsdriver1:1.4.4,REV=2010.10.20 - CUPS libraries, libcupsdriver.so.1
libcupsimage2:1.4.4,REV=2010.10.20 - CUPS libraries, libcupsimage.so.2
libcupsmime1:1.4.4,REV=2010.10.20 - CUPS libraries, libcupsmime.so.1
libcupsppdc1:1.4.4,REV=2010.10.20 - CUPS libraries, libcupsppdc.so.1
libruby1:1.8.7p302,REV=2010.12.04 - The libruby.so.1* files
lzop:1.03,REV=2010.12.04 - LZO file compressor
openssl:0.9.8q,REV=2010.12.04 - Openssl meta package
openssl_devel:0.9.8q,REV=2010.12.04 - Openssl development files
openssl_rt:0.9.8q,REV=2010.12.04 - Openssl runtime libraries
openssl_utils:0.9.8q,REV=2010.12.04 - Openssl binaries and related tools
parcellite:0.9.2,REV=2010.12.07 - Lightweight GTK+ clipboard manager
ruby:1.8.7p302,REV=2010.12.04 - An object-oriented language for quick and easy programming.
rubydev:1.8.7p302,REV=2010.12.04 - Ruby Extension Development Files
rubydoc:1.8.7p302,REV=2010.12.04 - Documentation for Ruby
rubymode:1.8.7p302,REV=2010.12.04 - Ruby major mode for Emacs
rubymode_el:1.8.7p302,REV=2010.12.04 - Elisp source for ruby mode
rubytk:1.8.7p302,REV=2010.12.04 - Ruby Tcl/TK Extension
xterm:267,REV=2010.12.09 - Terminal emulator for the X Window System

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