[csw-newpkgs] weekly package summary

Philip Brown phil at opencsw.org
Mon Feb 1 00:01:01 CET 2010

Attached is the summary of changed or added packages for the last week
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automake:1.11.1,REV=2010.01.25 - A tool for automatically generating Makefiles.
exempi:2.1.1,REV=2010.01.21 - Exempi is an implementation of XMP
exempi_devel:2.1.1,REV=2010.01.21 - Exempi is an implementation of XMP - developer package
graphviz:2.26.3,REV=2010.01.28 - Graph Visualization Tools
graphviz2:2.26.3,REV=2010.01.28 - Stub to the CSWgraphviz package
graphvizdevel:2.26.3,REV=2010.01.28 - Graphviz Headers etc. for development
graphvizdoc:2.26.3,REV=2010.01.28 - Graphviz documentation
graphvizgd:2.26.3,REV=2010.01.28 - Graphviz renderers using gd
graphvizgraphs:2.26.3,REV=2010.01.28 - Graphviz example graphs
graphvizguile:2.26.3,REV=2010.01.28 - Graphviz language binding for guile
graphvizperl:2.26.3,REV=2010.01.28 - Graphviz language binding for perl
graphvizpython:2.26.3,REV=2010.01.28 - Graphviz language binding for python
graphvizsharp:2.26.3,REV=2010.01.28 - Graphviz language binding for C
graphviztcl:2.26.3,REV=2010.01.28 - Graphviz language binding for tcl
gzip:1.4,REV=2010.01.28 - GNU zip
gzip_extras:1.4,REV=2010.01.28 - GNU zip additional tools
libcairo:1.8.8,REV=2010.01.18 - The Cairo 2D Graphics Library
libcairo_devel:1.8.8,REV=2010.01.18 - The Cairo 2D Graphics Library development package
libcairo_doc:1.8.8,REV=2010.01.18 - The Cairo 2D Graphics Library documentation
pca:20091216.02,REV=2010.01.15 - Patch Check Advanced
pcre:8.01,REV=2010.01.20 - Perl-compatible regular expression tools
pcre_rt:8.01,REV=2010.01.20 - Perl-compatible regular expression runtime libraries
pm_maildkim:0.37,REV=2010.01.26 - Signs/verifies Internet mail with DKIM/DomainKey signatures
pm_unixstatgrab:0.04,REV=2010.01.24 - Perl extension for collecting information about the machine

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